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2009-05-21 06:04 pm

!Me encanta español!

God I'm tired.

Here is my first Spanish 'assignment' that I gave to my teacher. (I take adult education lessons on Thursday mornings. It's only a beginners' class so I like to jazz things up a little by asking for extra stuff and doing some research myself.)

Todo Sobre mi Familia )

There, wasn't that exciting?

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2009-05-20 06:42 pm
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!Hola a todos!

Okay, I should actually post something here. I'm going to try a little Spanish. Yeah ... Bear with me.

Introduccin )

Phew, that took a while because I was looking up the future tense of some verbs. It's probably all wrong. I should actually stop this and go and do the rest of my Spanish homework now, as it's due in for tomorrow.

And then I can watch some X Files. Thankfully Series 5 arrived today; I was getting desperate as I only have 3 episodes left of Series 4, and things are getting tense!